More January Pears

Wow!  January is almost over, so I thought I'd better post a few more of these pear drawings before we launch in to February (and a new word) on Monday.

I've been having a great time with this subject and have tried out lots of different ways to represent one thing.

My favorite may be this stamp I carved last weekend - it just came out so perfectly blocky - and yet it's so clear what it is!

I stamped a bunch on thick paper and handed them out as little treats at work. 

I spent Friday night this week trying out a variety of water-soluble coloring methods that I have in my art supplies kit.

Water colors, ink, water soluble crayons, gouache, etc.

While I'm not wild about the results, it was still fun to play around with how these materials work - and how they work together.  I was going to just stick with one medium for each pear.

But then I just ended up using them all here and there.   Which I think is more successful anyway.

And then last but not least, I've been plunking away in my sketchbook which has been including a lot of pears.

Overall I have found this to be a most pleasing exercise.  And I could have done so much more with it, but given time and so many other competing interests - here we are.

Check in next week as I'll have the February theme posted along with some new drawings to go with it!  Hope you're staying warm and dry...