Hello 2017!

Hello internet-sphere!  And welcome back to the Orange Sweater Design / Emily Proudfoot Blog.

I am very happy to have arrived in 2017, despite and perhaps because of the crazy ride that was my life in 2016.  While all of us here at home are most certainly and gratefully healthy and happy, 2016 was so full of intensely emotional events that I ended up taking a year off of blogging.

This is not to say that I wanted to or intended to do so - but there was so much travel, immensely joyful events and equally tragic ones around us.  It left me with little energy to write much outside of my journal - or have the desire to share any of what was happening.

December ice storm 2016

December ice storm 2016

Nor did it mean that I stopped painting and drawing.  In fact I feel like my artwork reached new levels of quality and richness that I don't think I could have imagined.  I had several commissions, sold a lot of work, and was really grateful for all of that - particularly the time to create.

So I am back.  And I am back with real intention to devote time to this blog space much more frequently this year!  

For the last three years I have chosen a word for the year - in 2014 it was Muse.


In 2015 it was Shine

In 2016 it was Move.

And now, here in 2017, my word of the year is WRITE.

I have lots of reasons for this - many of which have to do with the fact that I wrote an immense amount last year, mostly in my own journal, and it was hugely helpful in my navigation of a ton of change, joy and pain in my life.  

But another very compelling reason for this choice is that I want to spend more time writing here.

I want to be more consistent about sharing my work with writing included.  I want to try and talk about my motivation for my artwork, what's inspiring me, and what I'm trying to work out.  

Am I just doing it so I have work for shows?  Or do I think it's beautiful and pleasing?  Or that it's important in bringing joy and beauty into the world?  In some way, I hope that writing here brings a level of understanding and accountability to my work that maybe I haven't had before. 

And so, I'll be sure to let you know when something gets posted.  Look for Facebook or Instagram updates.  Maybe I'll even start a little newsletter this year - who knows.  In any case, I'm excited to start posting here again on a regular basis with chronicles of daily life, art, farm, food, friends, and whatever else strikes my fancy.  

With a million thanks to everyone who has been following me around for the last few years - Happy 2017 to all of you with a big dose of love and gratitude.